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You've Made an Excellent Decision...

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Whether you're just a little curious, reading more so you can argue against New Covenant Grace, or you finally feel as if you've found something you've been searching for -

I commend you for taking this single, small step into the full vision of the plan that God has ordained for you before the foundation of the world.
The preview is intended to give you exactly that: an introduction to a new vision that I'm sure you've seen snippets of many times. But now, you're going to begin to see clearly, during the day and in dreams. The Lord will even wake you up in the middle of the night to share something new about what you've been receiving. Watch.

If you were anything like me when you first got saved, it was like scales being removed from your eyes. Well, when the Lord first began to deal with me about the mixture that I was in as a seasoned Christian, I went through the same thing. Everything became excitedly new.

What I found out is that I was the one restraining God from being my Father. I was the one who was limiting God from intervening in so many of the circumstances of my life. Even after graduating from two Bible schools, I still didn't know what it meant (I thought I did) to yield my will to His, to ensure a divine result.

Did you know...

...that God sees you as one who has already been accused, tried, convicted, and sentenced to death? For every sin, every failure, and every disobedience, the punishment of your natural death in the flesh has already happened. You are considered by God as a Son or daughter resurrected from the dead, just like Jesus. No longer under the system that demands excellent performance, only faith in Christ.

...the gospel is not a promise from God to you? You are 100% righteous with God because you've been 100% forgiven (past tense). This is a scriptural fact. It's not something you're hoping to accomplish someday. Eternal life has already been given to you and received by you. You have everything you need to live a supernatural and miraculous life right now!

...that every religious standard that you find in the scripture has already been met by Jesus, on your behalf. There's no need to qualify for the promises of God with your own works. When we place our faith in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus, we see ourselves qualified in Him, and we receive what we're believing for!

Guaranteed Help!

To the believer who lives in these New Covenant realities, without the mixture of Old Covenant demands, God has obligated Himself to heal, deliver, and provide. He has obligated Himself to "Be Your God". Not just in times of need or trouble, but He especially looks forward to rejoicing with you in your victories!

In spectacular fashion, He welcomes me gladly to the "Throne of Grace". And I can stay as long as I want. Even after I've left the "Holy of Holies", His presence permeates my soul all through the day. Many times, He wakes me in the middle of the night just to chit-chat. And every time He speaks, I know Him better, and my life is changed.

He will do the same thing with you, and it won't take several decades to get there, Lol. Pure New Covenant Grace will put you on a direct path from the first revelation that God gives you. You will be introduced to the central focus of faith that pleases God, from the very beginning.

In the introduction, I share three things that limit the grace of Christ. The first is a failure to embrace how truly forgiven we really are. It's impossible to see with clarity our new identity in Christ if we're still looking at ourselves according to the old man, the one who's supposed to be "crucified with Christ". Faith in Christ says: "Thank you Lord." Unbelief in our covenant says: "Please forgive me."

The second is our poor understanding of the gift of righteousness. When righteousness (by faith not works) is awakened, immediately it goes to work on your behalf. Righteousness produces peace, which is our inheritance. The "Word of righteousness" is considered in Hebrews chapter 5 to be the "strong meat" of the Word. I break these things down in bite-sized pieces, so anyone can partake.

The third thing that limits the grace of Christ is our blending of Old Covenant Law with His New Covenant Grace. The Law of Moses is NOT of faith. So, it's impossible to please God by maintaining religious standards to obtain righteousness with God. By identifying the distinctions of each covenant, you will be able to separate yourself from every belief system that holds you back.

Placing Jesus, and what He has accomplished for you in the center of your heart, will have an immediate effect. As you read, you'll begin to sense a stirring on the inside. This will be Holy Spirit bearing witness to the truth.

Pay close attention to the things that He highlights. Cooperate with His leading as He teaches. Try not to rush, and please, don't skip over anything. This 215-page book is available in an Ebook, AudioBook or Paperback.

Nothing But Great Feedback!

Although I wrote this book in 2020, the Lord has only now impressed upon me to promote it. During this time, I've only shared it as the Lord has led, and the feedback has been overwhelmingly humbling! A Pastor in full-time ministry for over 40 years has shared with me so many ways this book has changed his life. Everyone who has reported back to me has shared testimonies about the stirring of Holy Spirit from beginning to end. From church leaders, servers, and laymen to family and friends, they have all responded with gratitude, joy and tears.

“Power-Packed With How Righteous We Are in Christ Jesus… Blessing My Socks All the Way Off”!

- Alana W.

“Pure New Covenant Grace Is a Must-Read to Grow in Your Christian Faith”!

- Clarence W.

“I Want You to Know How Much God is Touching Me With Your Book. I Think It’s Wonderful”!

- Ed M.

“My Wife Cried At Least 10 Times. I Only Cried Three Times,

- Andre’ B.

Are You Ready For Wildfire?

The New Covenant has been designed by God for a full end-times reveal. As the church awakens from its slumber and recognizes what the Lord has truly done in each of us, the fire won't stop til we hear: "Come up hither!"

There's no good thing that God will withhold from any of us in this season. Wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of God are flowing like a river. As we embrace the beauty of who He is and what He's done, He's putting us on assignment. And there'll be full provision to accomplish the vision.

Are you ready to be used by God like never before? Can you see yourself performing miracles, signs and wonders? Do you think the Lord can use you to change your community, your city or your nation?

Through the "power of God unto salvation", the gospel, you are the righteousness of God forever! Together, we are the glorious church... right now. We only need to awaken to the truth of this most powerful gift. It's harvest time and Jesus has qualified every one of us for victory!

The Pure New Covenant Grace of Christ has always been His plan. To glorify Jesus in these last days... "And the last will be first..."

You've Been Called. Will You Answer?

Welcome to Grace!

Available in eBook, Paperback and Audio Book.


Audio Book-$10.95

Paperback - $23.95

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