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Discover The "Secret Covenant", Hidden In Plain Sight. It's Time To Fully Embrace Your New Identity in Christ. Are You Ready To Live This Supernatural Life?

And No, You Don't Have To Get Your Life Straightened Out, Be Religiously Holy, Or Meet Any Other Religious Standard to "Deserve" This...

You've been fed a lie about your Christian Faith.

It's the same lie, that I and MILLIONS of Christians around the globe have fallen victim.

You see, I've spent most of my life as a committed follower of Christ.

Like you, and many others, I was drawn by our Father in heaven to experience more of Him and yearned to do everything in my power to earn His approval. 

I studied and prayed consistently. And seldomly failed to reach out to and pray for my brothers and sisters in Christ.

I tithed at every opportunity, even if it meant giving up a meal or two to make it happen.

I ran my life like a sin management program...

Trying to do the good and avoid the bad.

I tortured myself with guilt and shame for falling short of impossibly high standards.

Working harder each day to become "clean" so that I might qualify for a fruitful relationship with my Father in heaven...

I had been fed the lie and continued to feed it to myself day in and day out.

And despite all that effort- I really had nothing to show for it.

The bountiful outpourings of His love for me were inconsistent at best, and the promises were still minimal in my life- as they probably are in yours right now.

Things were "fine".

I was "fine".

I was "happy" - for the most part.

But my relationship with God felt empty most of the time. My own needs were not being met as was promised to me in the scriptures. 

Do you find yourself in a similar situation?

Wondering if the Lord is pleased with you one moment or displeased the next? Questioning what you have done, or failed to do that's hindering the blessing that you know is yours? Or worse, running from punishment for every disobedience?  

The truth is- ONLY by changing the focus from our imperfections to the beauty and perfection of Jesus, can we see clearly the beauty and perfection of our new identity in Christ. Are you blameless before God? If not, read on.

Consider This...

In the mind of God, all of mankind is under one divine covenant or the other. The Old Covenant is the default agreement for those without Christ. It cannot be relied upon for anything but sin, death, and surrender, because the standard is purposefully out of reach.

The Old Covenant Law of Moses was created for people who were led by their flesh and NOT by the Lord's Spirit within. According to Paul's letter to Timothy. The Law was created for the lawless, the disobedient, the ungodly, unholy and unrighteous. THAT'S NOT YOU!

The New Covenant is a system of faith in God's grace, the New Covenant "Grace of Christ". The New Covenant, according to God Himself is NOT a replica of the Old Covenant. All of the provisions of the Kingdom of God are held in trust for New Covenant believers. Those who follow Jesus, who repeatedly told us: "Only believe".

Because the gospel is too-good-to-be-true good news, religion (not God) has created a 3rd, and equally unreliable system of operation. A watered-down mixture of the two covenants was never the plan of God.

Unfortunately, many (if not most) New Covenant believers measure themselves against an Old Covenant standard and say, "Nobody's perfect". But the standard of perfection in the New Covenant is faith, and well within the reach of every believer.

My new book, "Pure New Covenant Grace" helps believers to see that Jesus' death at the cross is our death to that Old System and ALL of the religious standards that come with it.

Freedom from religion and into His abundant grace has always been the desire of God for every believer.

Wake up to your blameless and righteous new man on the inside.

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And begin to see with clarity, your new identity in Christ!

There's a major problem with the way the church views the Bible.

Great biblical scholars, men and women worthy of respect, and even double honor for their work's sake, have missed the mark, and transformed a proclamation of God's grace to you, into a religious burden of heavy works, with which to govern your life.

Jesus told us that His yoke is easy, and His burden is light. But this New Covenant truth has been tainted with the CONDITION that you must qualify for His grace by your successful performance and behavior. The power of the New Covenant has been short-circuited and the supply of the Kingdom restricted by the teaching of the Old Testament-style system of conduct-based punishments and rewards.

The MIXTURE  of Old Covenant works and New Covenant Grace makes us see the Kingdom of God through a lens of sin rather than righteousness, works rather than rest, and as servants rather than sons and daughters.

Any amount of this mixture of covenants is enough to disqualify you from every promise of God in Christ. A little leaven leavens the whole lump, and unfortunately, this is happening throughout the body of Christ every day.

Whether intentionally or unintentionally, a system of oppression has been created that has restrained the free flow of God's abundant grace. Grace that's available to every believer who is willing to question the well-worn paths of religious tradition. Grace to see and hear (just like Jesus), His calling, His inheritance, and His power, presently lying dormant in most of us. This is the awakening to faith in His righteousness, as our own!

Here's The Simple Truth...

The Champion of our faith has done ALL the work for us.

In His death and resurrection, He accomplished EVERYTHING for us. The ONLY task that remains is faith in Him.

He made the crooked path to perfect fellowship straight, simply through our belief in the BENEFITS of His death, and the BENEFITS of His resurrection. Through this corrected focus, which is the foundation of our faith, the promises also come clearly into focus.

We don't have to earn it with toil, by beating ourselves up over sin and offering Old Covenant ideas of repentance. Everything that has already been provided, every promise of God in Christ, has only to be RECEIVED beginning with the truth of our New Covenant.

But I don't expect you to believe me just yet.

Of course, to you, I might sound crazy - even apostate.

But I assure you, that I'm sharing scriptural truth, and if you give me just a few moments of your time, my book, Pure New Covenant Grace, can prove it to you.

In it, you'll learn:

How Easy It Is To Draw Near To Him

Right now, you may feel an absence of the presence of God in your day-to-day life. Maybe you feel as if He is only ever-present when things are dire or you go above and beyond to "be good". I'll say it again, there is no "earning" our covenant privileges with God. Only receiving...

Access to the presence of God at the Throne of Grace, (where every supernatural impartation takes place), is just that, access. In order to experience this supernatural life with Christ, we must take advantage of the privilege of having an audience with the Creator of heaven and earth.

When we awaken to righteousness, we begin to see that we are always welcome and encouraged to come boldly. It's the Father's good pleasure to give us the Kingdom, and with a corrected New Covenant perspective, we can come as often as we desire.

How You Can Truly Embrace a New Life, With a New Identity Through a New Relationship With the Lord

The hidden truth is that the arms of the Lord are already spread wide open toward you, regardless of your sins, failures, and disobedience. Your past sins have already been forgiven, and your present and future sins are NOT imputed to you by God. Neither can they be, by covenant. This is the righteousness of God. But you may not see it like that just yet.

This is every believer's New Covenant "work of faith". To put your nose in the book from a New Covenant perspective, until you see the truth of His work. And then, as your royal identity in Christ begins to appear, all of your sins, failures and disobediences disappear. This short transition will be marvelous in your eyes. And the book, Pure New Covenant Grace will show you how to receive it.

How To Enter Into God's Rest and Find Freedom From Mental Slavery

"He that is entered into rest has ceased from His own works", we are told in scripture. Faith is a rest from trying to perform for righteousness. When Mount Sinai (representing the Law of works-righteousness under the Law of Moses) is removed from sight, you can clearly see the life and blessing of Mt. Zion (only promises of Good).

God's Pure New Covenant Grace has freed us from the need to perform, qualify and self-scrutinize, constantly trying to live up to religious standards. As these foreign voices cease, you're going to be amazed how confident you become as you see and hear from heaven more clearly. 

And Much, Much, More


I get it.

This is a message that seems radical beyond anything you've come across before. 

However, if you dive into my book, you'll see that every single claim made is backed by scripture without fail, and from the mouths of many Bible witnesses.

I've made no personal interpretations based on my experience. The final authority for every premise is the B-I-B-L-E.

My simple role of hungering and thirsting after righteousness, resulted in being filled, as promised by Jesus. These insights of corrected focus were the answer to my prayers, and they can also be the answer to yours.

Imagine being able to hear from the Lord in confidence each and every day, instead of praying repetitious prayers that leave you wondering if they were heard.

Imagine receiving guidance and instruction for every obstacle you face, instead of the uncertainty that comes with questioning if you've dotted every biblical i and crossed every biblical t.

Imagine living this life KNOWING the Lord is walking with you every step of the way, while your relationship with Him grows deeper by the moment.

How fearlessly could you live this life... KNOWING that you've honored the love of the Father, the work of the Son and the primary assignment of Holy Spirit; KNOWING your salvation is certain, KNOWING you have a robe of fine white linen awaiting you, And KNOWING, you have a place at the table?

Discover the truth about the Pure New Covenant Grace of Christ, and enjoy the rest, freedom, and purpose of a grace-filled life.

It's time to reign in life by receiving an abundance of grace!

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